Who is she?

My father saw a fairy train. As a boy, he watched it chuff across open grassland in Harrogate. Thirty years later, two sleepy daughters stared, entranced, at the multicoloured lamps the fairies had strung across the Thames bridges to light up their midnight parties. From the back of the car in the London night, we heard how the fairy creatures danced and twirled to the sound of sparkling music and laughter. I can still see their colourful lanterns, hear the swish of their silken, floating dresses.

The bottom of our garden was filled with pixies and fairy folk, mostly living in and around the compost heap, which my sister took to sleeping in.

As well as the fairies, I grew up with The Teddy Bear Coalman (written by my grandfather, Selby Worthington, for my mother), and with music, singing, dancing and a lot of laughter.

Photo of Clare Goubin

Facts and figures coming soon...